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28 August 2019


Ed-Technology for transforming education for humanity

Cost of Participation


Sustainable development must be recognised as an integral part of our education systems. The humanistic potential of imparting and receiving education can enable youth to be aware and be empowered to act for a peaceful and sustainable society.

INFUSE programme is a capacity-building program for learners, educators and educational institutions to help them recognize and strengthen their own roles towards achieving sustainable and peaceful societies by:

  • Improving access to knowledge and resources to promote integration of values and higher order skills related to peace and sustainable development like kindness, empathy, mindfulness, critical thinking within the education systems.
  • Empowering the educators with an understanding and ability to foster such values and skills amongst their learners by integrating it with teaching-learning practices.
As part of this programme, we would be engaging educational institutions through trainings, workshops, dissemination of new learning materials and supporting them with integration of this learning at the classroom and institutional level for transformative impact for young learners.

We also believe that these resources and professional learning activities should not be experienced as added tasks for the educators and educational institutions, but it becomes an engaging and intrinsic and tacit part of what we teach i.e. the curriculum; how we teach i.e. the pedagogy; and why we teach i.e. its purpose.

INFUSE Programme 2019-20: Ed-Technology for transforming education for humanity

While education suffers from narration sickness, educators across the globe are investing in innovating new technologies for learning. Digital platforms are proving helpful in giving life to abstract concepts and resources for educators, enhancing pedagogical deliberations and practice.

The 2019-20 edition of the INFUSE programme aims to build the capacity of school educators on ways to leverage the transformational potential of Ed-technology to integrate human values into the teaching-learning practice, while bringing great educational rewards for students. The programme would focus on mentoring schools through educators in transforming education for humanity by exploring technology to enable more connected, experiential, collaborative, and most importantly, more humane learning environments.

This year, the focus remains on helping school educators integrate skills related to peace such as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills into schooling systems through technological interventions. We are partnering with some inspiring institutions and organisations working in the sphere of peace and sustainability for knowledge sharing and capacity building, and companies working in the area of Ed-technology to connect educators with technological know-how.

19 July 2019

Call for applications

28 Aug 2019

Last date for Applications

Oct 2019

Level 1 Workshop

Nov-Dec 2019


Jan 2020

Level 2 Workshop

Feb-Mar 2020

Finalization of resource kits and action plan; and dissemination to approx. 4000 schools


Teachers for grade levels 6 and above, from any discipline, working with recognized educational institutions in India

How to Apply

  • Applicants must complete the online application form at (provide link). Applications sent through email and hard copies will not be accepted.
  • The application form requires the applicant to upload a lesson plan related to their subjects while integrating peace values, local concerns/context with the use of Ed-technology tools.
  • Answers must be applicant’s own perspective and should not include any information copied from other sources. Any information or quotes, if used, should be appropriately referenced.
  • Applicants can choose to participate at either location of the Level-1 Workshop – Delhi NCR or Bengaluru. The preferred choice must be indicated in the application form.
  • Applicants once selected would be require to confirm their participation with a one-time participation fee of INR 2500 for the entire duration of the programme from Sept 2019 to March 2020.
  • Selected Participants would be required to make their own travel and stay arrangements for the workshops. No TA/DA will be provided by the organisers.
  • Last date for applications is 28 August 2019, to be sent by 2:00pm.
  • There is no restriction on the number of applicants from each school.

  • Orients educators towards emerging Ed-technologies
  • Creates avenues for experiential and accelerated learning
  • Empowers educators on how to mainstream and teach skills like empathy, kindness, critical thinking for more peaceful and sustainable societies
  • Helps educators prepare more impactful lesson plans
  • Leads to enhanced learning outcomes
  • Creates a professional community of enthusiastic educators to learn, share, collaborate, participate and develop their professional expertise with the support of TERI School of Advanced Studies.
  • Provides certificates of recognition for all selected educators upon completion of the programme