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Chef Manisha Bhasin

Sr. Executive Chef, ITC Maurya

Chef Manisha Bhasin, the Senior Executive Chef at ITC Maurya, is a nationally and internationally recognized culinary innovator with diverse cuisines under her belt. She is also the Vice Chairman of World Chefs Committee of Education and World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), Board member of Indian Federation of Chefs Societies (IFCA) and Cuisine Indian Society.
Amongst the top ten most admired chefs of Asia 2014, she has catered to personalities such as Mr Barrack Obama, the Emperor of Japan, Mr Putin, Mr John Major, Mr Bill Gates, Roger Federer, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Prime minister of Singapore to name a few.
She has been recipient of various awards such as International Award of Culinary Excellence, ACE 2001; National Tourism Award 2006-2007 (The Best lady Chef of the year); Star of the Industry Chef of the Year Award 2005; Chef of the year award-2004, (given by FHRAI); Chef of the Year and Lady chef of the Year by PHD CII, 2004 and has been a pioneer in introducing signature menus with a focus on freshness and organic ingredients ahead of the time in 1993 when Chef’s menus were unheard. She introduced a unique concept of having different menus based on ingredient availability of days of the week which brought into focus the importance of freshness and source of the produce. She also introduced Green Banqueting for conferences and other public events, in order to help events become eco-responsible. Her award-winning restaurants Bukhara and Dum Pukht are leaders in Indian cuisine the world over. She has pioneered many concepts like Food Sherpa, Indigenous Foods etc. and is committed to advocating using local seasonal produces which reflects in the cuisine served at ITC Hotels.