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As a movement on climate and sustainability, Climate Jamboree endeavours to become one of India’s most inclusive platforms, representing the voices and initiatives of youth, to address the challenges of sustainable development through collaborative learning and meaningful action. 

Climate Jamboree is designed as a meta-programme that engages stakeholders to enable spaces for youth to learn, participate and act for sustainability through innovation and creativity across all spheres of life. 

We are committed to empowering youth to become informed and passionate leaders who will direct the agenda for securing a sustainable future at the local as well as global level. 

Our Vision

Empower the youth to reflect on, act upon and liberate themselves from apathy towards sustainable development and climate action.

Our Mission

Climate Jamboree aims to empower youth towards achieving low carbon sustainable development by: 
  •  Improving access to information and education that enables sustainability. 
  • Providing a platform to collaborate, share ideas, experiences, initiatives and innovations so as to find solutions for climate and sustainability. 
  • Encouraging youth leadership, effective action and meaningful initiatives to ensure sustainability. 



To understand and reflect on the complexities and challenges of sustainable development.


To share and embrace accessible solutions in all spheres of life to build a sustainable future.


To step forward and liberate ourselves from indifference towards our environment by adopting practices that ensure sustainability for all.

The Organizing Committee

Dr Leena Srivastava

Former Vice Chancellor

Ranjana Saikia

Programme Co-Director

Deepak Sahai

Programme Co-Director

Arti Rajkumar

Sponsorship Coordinator

Supriya Gulati

Programme Coordinator

Sandeep Arora

Associate Director Administration

Dr Kamna Sachdeva

Faculty Coordinator

Dr Anandajit Goswami

Management Development Programme Coordinator

Pooja Choudhary

Deputy System Analyst (IT)

Zina Sinha

Programme Associate

Harmeet Kaur

Programme Associate

Shaurya Patel

Programme Associate